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Christiane Ahlborn, Data Security Panel, Logistics

Jacqueline Austermann, Energy Security Panel, Marketing

Felix Baier, Energy Security Panel, Website

Erik Bauch, Data Security Panel, Logistics

Jan Bockstiegel, Energy Security Panel

Iris Braun, Data Security Panel, Travel Organization

Maximilian Eber, Political-Military Panel, Economic Security Keynote

Mirco Günther, Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee

Marie-Sophie Guntram, Registration and Participants Management

Djawid Hashemi, Panel Speakers

Robert Helbig, Political-Military Security Panel

Anja Hohmann, Logistics

Katharina Lix, Energy Security Panel, Fundraising

Alexander Mathis, Fundraising, Registration and Participants Management

Tobias Peter, Budget

Philipp Preiss, Energy Security Panel, Logistics

Mirja Ramke, Registration and Participants Management

Friederike Reuter, Fundraising

Paul Schmelzing, Political-Military Security Panel

Susanne Schwarz, Marketing

Marc Selzer, Political-Military Security Panel

Léa Steinacker, Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee

Dominic Tschoepe, Documentation

Valerie von der Tann, Data Security Panel

Michael Wanner, Data Security Panel

Christoph Wüstemeyer, Energy Security Panel, Fundraising


Christiane Ahlborn
Havard Law School, LL.M. 2014
Data Security Panel, Logistics

Christiane Ahlborn is an LL.M. Candidate at Harvard Law School and an ERP Fellow of the German Ministry of Economy and Technology and the German National Academic Foundation. Before coming to Harvard, she worked as a researcher on issues of shared responsibility in international law at the Amsterdam Center for International Law. She holds a Master’s degree in International Law from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva and a B.A. in international relations with a major in law from the University of Dresden, Germany. She also worked as a junior consultant for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Geneva, the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) in Rwanda and Human Rights Watch in New York.

Jacqueline Austermann
Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, PhD Candidate
Energy Security Panel, Marketing

Jacqueline Austermann is working towards her PhD in Geophysics at Harvard’s Earth and Planetary Science Department. After a Bachelor in Physics at the Technical University Darmstadt she pursued an internship at the environmental consulting section of Deloitte, which sparked her interest in the Earth. She continued with a Master in Geophysics at LMU Munich and graduated in 2011. Jacqueline is a former scholar of the Foundation of German Industry (sdw) and was awarded a Peirce fellowship when she came to Harvard. Her PhD thesis deals with understanding past sea level variations to work towards a better understanding of the Earth's climate system. Beyond her academic work she is interested in Energy, Environment and Sustainability. Beyond her academic work she is interested in Energy, Environment and Sustainability.

Felix Baier
Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, PhD Candidate
Energy Security Panel, Website

Felix is a first year PhD student and Herchel Smith Fellow in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard. In his research, he tries to uncover the genetic basis and evolution of behavior in wild populations of mice. He also studies the amphibians and reptiles of Mediterranean islands. Aside from his scientific work, he is interested in university administration and higher education policy, as well as European politics and international affairs. He received a BSc degree in biology and an MA degree in philosophy from the University of Munich, and as a Fulbright Fellow an MA degree in biotechnology from Columbia University.

Erik Bauch
Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, PhD Candidate
Data Security Panel, Logistics

Erik Bauch is a third year PhD Candidate in Physics at Harvard with a research focus on quantum optics, nanoscale magnetometry and super-resolution microscopy. He received his Diploma in Physics from the Technical University of Berlin in 2010 and conducted research projects at the synchrotron facility BESSY in Berlin, CERN in Switzerland and the University of California Berkeley. In his free time, you can find him DJing on parties or working on his startup Open Review that will be launched in 2014.

Jan Bockstiegel
Harvard College, BA Candidate 2015
Energy Security Panel

Jan is currently a Junior at Harvard College majoring in Social Studies with a focus on Latin American natural resource states and a minor in Economics. Following his graduation from high school in Germany he went abroad as part of the international social service program of the German government and worked as a teaching assistant in a public high school in Medellin, Colombia. After spending the summer 2012 in Alexandria, Egypt, studying advanced Arabic, he used his last summer break to work in the Chilean copper industry and to learn about the macro effects of mining. Jan rows for Harvard’s Heavyweight Crew and is an active member of the university’s International Society, where he is responsible for alumni relations and fundraising. He enjoys swimming, Latin Amercian dances and cooking.

Iris Braun
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPA 2015
Data Security Panel, Travel Organization

Iris Braun is a current McCloy Fellow, pursuing a Master in Public Administration and International Development at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University and has gathered work experience in economic research and consulting in Germany, Italy, Brazil and Switzerland. Her academic interests lie in Social Impact Measurement, Behavioral Economics and infrastructure development with a focus on low-income countries. In her spare time, Iris enjoys experiments in fusion cooking (with low success rates), and niche sports.

Maximilian Eber
Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, PhD Candidate
Political-Military Panel, Economic Security Keynote

Maximilian Eber is a PhD Candidate and Dillon Fellow at Harvard’s Economics Department. His research interests lie in international economics and financial markets. He previously studied Economics, Mathematics, and Philosophy at Oxford University and at the London School of Economics. During his studies, Maximilian gained work experience in central banking, consulting, and venture capital. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, jazz piano, and skiing.

Mirco Günther
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPA 2015

Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee

Mirco Günther is a McCloy Fellow and first-year Master in Public Administration Candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Before coming to Cambridge, he worked as a Political Officer, Coordinator of the Ambassador’s Office and Acting Head of the Economic and Environmental Department at the OSCE Mission in Tajikistan, seconded by the German Foreign Office. Mirco holds a Master’s degree in Middle East and Central Asian Security Studies from the University of St Andrews, and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the Free University of Berlin and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. His prior work experience includes assignments with GIZ in Botswana, the Mission of Moldova to the UN in New York, a human rights NGO in Moscow, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Office in Georgia, and a voluntary service with former concentration camp prisoners in Ukraine.

Marie-Sophie Guntram
Harvard Graduate School of Education, Master of Education 2014
Registration and Participants Management

Marie-Sophie Guntram is a 2014 Master of Education candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The international education policy program at HGSE enables her to explore different education systems and identify policies that best serve all children. Sophie is thrilled to supplement her studies with teaching experiences applying Howard Gardner’s Project Zero principles on what it means to be living and learning in the 21st century. She trusts that education is the path toward knowledge, friendship, and peace. Prior to moving to Boston, Sophie received her B.A. in linguistics from Georgetown University. She is proud to be part of the Hoya family and looks forward to basketball season. In her spare-time, Sophie loves to go swing dancing in old barns with big bands and fairy lights all around.

Djawid Hashemi
Charité Berlin | Harvard Medical School
Panel Speakers

Djawid is a medical research fellow at the Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital. His main academic interests are the underlying disease mechanisms in cardiology and the development of predicition techniques of Sudden Cardiac Attacks. During his medical studies, mainly at the Charité in Berlin and at l’Université Paris Descartes, he has experienced and compared different health care systems both in Europe and the USA. Djawid is charmed by the Austrian playwright Thomas Bernhard and would love to focus on his œuvre more professionally.

Robert Helbig
Tufts University
Political-Military Security Panel

Robert Helbig is a graduate student at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy focusing on international security studies and international business relations. While completing his bachelor’s degree in international relations at American University in Washington, DC, he has gained experiences in policy through internships in government and think tanks. In addition to following his passion to work on US-Europe relations, he expanded my international experience by working and studying in China, India, Brazil and Kazakhstan. After college, he has worked on a start-up non-profit initiative to advance transatlantic relations. He is also a reserve of the German Army and a passionate skier.

Anja Hohmann
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPP 2015

Anja Hohmann is a McCloy Fellow and a first-year Master in Public Policy Candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government where she focuses on Public Health policy and negotiations. Before coming to HKS, she worked as a physician for the German Red Cross and as a research fellow at the Dept. of Neurology, Harvard Medical School. Vaccinating in Uganda and excavating in Jordan, Anja graduated with both a Medical Degree from the Charité Berlin and a Degree in Classical Archaeology, Cultural Studies and Latin from the Humboldt University Berlin; with studies abroad at the University of Havana and the Sorbonne Paris. In her spare time, she enjoys Islamic architecture and sailing.

Katharina Lix
Harvard College, BA Candidate 2014
Energy Security Panel, Fundraising

Katharina is an undergraduate student at Harvard in her last year pursuing a degree in Psychology in Economics, focusing on how and why people make decisions. She is also interested in the natural sciences and the potential of technological innovations to secure sustainable green growth, particularly in the areas of biotechnology and nanotechnology. She has recently finished writing a book chapter on genetically modified salmon as part of her research assistant position at the Center for Science and Technology Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. After spending the summer in Shanghai working in the business development division of a chemical company and delving deeply into East-Asian cultural history during her travels, Katharina became an avid student of yoga. When she’s not on the mat, she enjoys learning to cook foods from all around the world with friends (particularly German Apfelstrudel!) and spending time in the mountains kite surfing on mountain lakes, rock climbing, mountain biking and skiing.

Alexander Mathis
Harvard University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Postdoctoral Fellow
Fundraising, Registration and Participants Management

Alexander Mathis is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Harvard University, where he investigates active sensing and odor-guided navigation. He received his PhD in 2012 at the Graduate School for Systemic Neuroscience at the Ludwig-Maxilians University in Munich. Prior he studied mathematics in Munich and Barcelona. Originally he is from Vorarlberg, Austria and thus enjoys spending time outdoors, especially hiking in the Alps.

Tobias Peter
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPP 2015

Tobias Peter is a 2015 Master of Public Policy Candidate at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. Prior to this, he was a program coordinator and research assistant at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), where he worked with the Global Aging Initiative. While at CSIS, Tobias conducted research on a wide range of long-term economic, social, and geopolitical challenges arising from the aging of the population. He is the co-author of The Global Aging Preparedness Index: Second Edition (2013), U.S. Development Policy in an Aging World: New Challenges and New Priorities for a New Demographic Era (2013), and Balancing Tradition and Modernity: The Future of Retirement in East Asia (2012). Tobias holds a B.A. in history and applied economics from the College of St. Scholastica in Minnesota. In his spare time, he enjoys watching and playing soccer.

Philipp Preiss
Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, PhD Candidate
Energy Security Panel, Logistics

Philipp Preiß is a pursuing a PhD in physics at Harvard, where he is studying the quantum mechanics of atomic gases near zero temperature. Born and raised near Frankfurt, he moved to Trinity College at the University of Cambridge (UK) for his undergraduate studies. In 2010, he received a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degree with a focus on atomic physics. During his free time, he enjoys long bike rides around Cambridge and rowing on the Charles River.

Mirja Ramke
Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School, Postdoctoral Fellow
Registration and Participants Management

Mirja Ramke is a postdoctoral fellow at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School, where she focuses on ocular viral pathogenesis. She holds a medical degree from the Medical School of Hannover, Germany, where she studied during her Intern year at the University of Cambridge, UK and the Tongji Medical School, China. The focus of her doctoral thesis was in the field of adenovirus virology at the Department of Virology, Medical School of Hannover, Germany. Besides to her studies, Mirja gained work experience in consulting and entrepreneurship. She is passionate about dressage riding and enjoys the opera and running on the Charles River.

Friederike Reuter
Harvard College, Class of 2014

Friederike Reuter is a German undergraduate student in her last year pursuing an economics degree at Harvard. Her research focuses on labor economics and economic history, which she developed further at the National Bureau of Economic Research over the summer. She recently found a new interest in studying the politics, history and indigenous populations of Central and South America. During her time at Harvard, she spent a semester studying abroad in Southern France and traveled through Colombia, South Africa and Swaziland in the summers. Besides traveling, she likes to play golf competitively, go running on the Charles River and ski in the Alps.

Paul Schmelzing
Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, PhD Candidate
Political-Military Security Panel

Paul is a first year PhD student in the History Department at Harvard, focusing on Modern European and Economic History. Prior to that, he gained his BSc degree in Economic History at the London School of Economics. He gained work experience at the German Bundestag, the Securities Division at Goldman Sachs and in Mergers & Acquisitions at Greenhill & Co. He was also the President of LSE’s “Entrepreneurs Society”. In his free time, he enjoys reading, playing the clarinet and travelling.

Susanne Schwarz
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPP 2015

Susanne Schwarz is a current McCloy Fellow, pursuing a Master in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She previously studied Political Science with a focus on Gender Studies and International Development at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany and at the Institut d'Études Politiques in Strasbourg, France. Prior to Harvard, she worked as a consultant for the Gender and Development Group at the World Bank, and interned with the German Development Cooperation (GIZ), the European Union Delegation to the United States, and the European Parliament. Susanne was co-founder and board member of a German non-profit working on foreign affairs and international relations, and a fellow of the Studienkolleg zu Berlin as well as the German Carlo Schmid Program. In her spare time, she enjoys sports, particularly running and rope skipping.

Marc Selzer
Visiting Undergraduate Student, Harvard College
Political-Military Security Panel

Marc is a Visiting Student at the college. He also takes courses at the Harvard Kennedy School and MIT. In Germany he studies at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and seeks a B.Sc. degree in Finance. After several internships in the Bundestag he completed his apprenticeship in the financial sector. He is very interested in start-ups and venture capital. Marc is a scholar of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. He is an active triathlete and he tries to spend as much time as possible outdoor.

Léa Steinacker
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPP 2015
Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee

Léa Steinacker is a McCloy Fellow and first-year Master of Public Policy candidate at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, where she focuses on security policy, technology, media and communication, diplomacy and negotiation. Before coming to Harvard she worked as a journalist in Germany, a researcher in Australia, and a consultant for the public and non-profit sector in Rwanda, Bosnia-Hercegovina and DR Congo. Léa is a proud graduate of the United World College of the Atlantic and holds a BA in international affairs and public policy from Princeton University, where she studied for one semester abroad at the American University in Cairo. She enjoys physical theater and accents.

Dominic Tschoepe


Dominic was born and grew up in Frankfurt am Main/Germany. He studied architecture in Frankfurt am Main and in Ascoli Piceno/Italy and is a passionate photographer. Dominic worked for several years as an employee and freelance architect for architectural offices in the Rhine-Main region, Augsburg and Munich. He is married, has a son and lives with his family in Cambridge/MA, USA since 2011. Dominic is a freelance photographer, a Community Advisor and Sustainable Community Leader at Peabody Terrace, Harvard Housing. Dominic is intrigued by the challenge to build skills in different sports, such as rowing and gliding and he loves to travel.

Valerie von der Tann
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPP 2014
Data Security Panel

Valerie von der Tann is a 2014 Master of Public Policy candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School and a McCloy Scholar. Prior to her Master studies, she worked for McKinsey&Company, a global management consultancy firm, where she focused on energy, transport, and infrastructure projects. Valerie holds a B.A. degree in Economics and a B.A. degree in International Affairs from the University of St. Gallen. During her undergraduate studies, Valerie gained work experience in several public and private sector organizations such as the German Embassy in Washington D.C., the German Parliament, Deutsche Bank and Booz & Company. Her main interests at the Kennedy School are in energy and infrastructure policy, internet governance, and European and foreign policy.

Michael Wanner
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MPA 2015
Data Security Panel

Michael Wanner is an MPA Candidate at Harvard Kennedy School. He also holds a Master’s degree in Law and Economics from University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Before coming to Harvard, Michael worked in different management positions at Gruner + Jahr, Germany’s largest magazine publisher. In his last job, he was the Executive Assistant to the CEO. Michael is also a Member of the Supervisory Board of AZ Medien, a Swiss publishing firm.

Christoph Wüstemeyer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), M.Sc. Candidate 2014
Energy Security Panel, Fundraising

Christoph Wüstemeyer is a 2014 M.Sc. Candidate in Materials Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a research assistant in MIT’s Materials Systems Laboratory and Harvard Kennedy School’s Energy Technology Innovation Policy research group. His studies in Materials Systems Engineering and Innovation Management are supported by the German National Academic Foundation. He founded a Germany-based company and pursues his interest in entrepreneurship with a leadership role at MIT’s 100K Entrepreneurship Competition, which is the largest student-run business plan contest in the US. Prior to joining MIT, Christoph graduated from RWTH Aachen University with two Bachelor degrees (Business Administration and Industrial Engineering), worked as a Research Scholar at London Business School, and gained experience in the automotive, energy, and banking sectors.